Enterprise and Groups

You have great people on your team and in your group.  Visibility is a key to their success.  Let’s bring them more opportunities for visibility! 

Our Platform, Workshops, and Success Talks can help:

  • Strengthen your members’ presentation and communication skills

  • Raise your members’ visibility in the business community

  • Increase engagement and retention

  • Broaden your brand recognition and sales/marketing efforts

Positive Return™ Workshops

Express = 1-hour, live virtual
(in person possible for select cities/dates)

Compelling Panelist/Moderator™

help panels succeed with credible, concise knowledge sharing

> Define your knowledge base or contribution easily
> Add value to the points of other panelists
> Provide specific examples and action points
> Keep the panel on topic

Certification Badge = 3-hour workshop
Express = 1-hour bootcamp

Design Your Brand for Impact™

be easily recognized for what makes you or your company unique

> Define yourself, your company, your mission clearly
> Highlight the value you deliver
> Add personality or visual recognition factors
> Adapt for audience, market, emotional appeal

Certification Badge = 3-hour workshop
Express = 1-hour bootcamp

Female Panelist

Compelling Speaker™

be confident and in demand by delivering results

> Be a clear, concise communicator
> Engage and motivate audiences
> Have people leaning in to listen and ask questions
> Leave a lasting message

Certification Badge = 3-hour workshop
Express = 1-hour bootcamp

Visual Opportunities™ Express

intensive 1-hour bootcamp to fuel your success

> Shine as a Compelling Speaker (20 mins)
> Shine as a Compelling Panelist or Moderator (20 mins)
> Design Your Brand for Impact (20 mins)
> A solid foundation to position you or your company effectively

Positive Return Success Talks

Participate in TED-style Success Talks with your team members as speakers and moderators.  Provide real-life public speaking experience.  Create an open exchange of ideas on important topics in the business community.  Build collaboration.  Strengthen success.  Fuel growth.

Positive Return Success Talks:

  • each Gold Enterprise hosts 2 Success Talks (their location)
  • last 1 hour
  • hosts choose topic ahead of time (examples: creative solutions, current challenges, industry direction, etc)
  • feature 6 speakers and 1 moderator
  • each speaker speaks for 5 minutes on how they are addressing or have solved the topic
  • host provides 3 speakers and 1 moderator
  • other Gold Enterprises provide 3 speakers
  • conclude with 20-minute Q&A
  • audience can be internal only or include other Gold Enterprises (host’s option)

woman leading meeting

Example in 1 city:

5 Gold Enterprises participate, each hosts 2 Success Talks = 10 talks
6 speakers + 1 moderator per Success Talk = 70 speaking opportunities
Each Gold Enterprise receives 14 speaking opportunities

Enterprise or Group Membership

Enterprise/Group - Bronze

Paid or sponsored
Access opportunities in 1 city
1-year membership for 30 people
(value $1,470)
Weekly newsletter with opportunities and tips

Enterprise/Group - Silver

Empower Your Team
Access opportunities in 1 city
1-year membership for 100 people
(value $4,900)
Weekly newsletter with opportunities and tips
1 Express workshop (value $1,000)